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Fossil Watches - The Chosen One

Introduced in the year 1984, Fossil came up with a collection of stylish watches that soon became the fashion statement. Even today people go for Fossil watches to stay with the latest trend. There are special designs for both men as well as women. Some of the outstanding collections include the acetate, classic, wood, adventure, stainless steel and lot more. They are also categorized under different specifications as well as occasions including the trendy watches, dress watches, sports watches, digital watches, mechanical watches, chronographic watches and S+arck watches.

Fossil Watches

Fossil Watch range for men are exclusive with some cool designs like the reverse dial styles, rugged watches, the formal ones and also watches with polycarbonate straps. The latest in the market are the Vintage Bronze Watch and the Black Dial Watch. The former maintains the vintage look with sealing the stylish concepts where as the latter possesses a subterranean appearance.
The Fossil Watch range for women are also not light when compared to that of men as there is an immense array of elegant designs that will last for long. Some of the most preferred varieties include the Ceramic design, Stella models, Dress wristwatch, Boyfriend gazing models, Classic Dress watches, Sports ones, Digital watches, Convertible options, S+arck watches and even the trendy ones.

The Stella collection from Fossil watches for women are just the perfect match to groom you up for any occasion. This collection has a round dial twanged with sparkling crystals for the extraordinary appearance. The multifunction dial Stella watches are available in varied color ranges including blue, white and purple.

The futuristic design concept is with which the new Fossil watch range known as the S+ARCK models are designed. Philippe Starck is the person behind this new model. Both men and women have separate designs and a large collection to choose from. There are also certain unique models applicable for both the sexes at the same time. Minimalist design is with which this range was manufactured along with the modern digital aspects and style.

Leather cuffs from Fossil watches are the most preferred choice showcasing an elegant and classy look. Separate models are available for both men and women. Leather cuffs are the latest water resistant models having quartz precision movement and are offered two years guarantee also.

Fossil watches with their immense array of models for men and women have conquered the hearts of all with increased quality and standards when compared to the other brands.

You can check online for some wonderful varieties of Fossil watches and pick that which suites your personality and attire. Watches2u is one such reliable site I came across lately to find immense collection of watches to meet my needs and style statement.

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