Thursday, 19 April 2012

BlackBerry Vs. iPhone - Which One Is Your Smartphone?

Two popular smartphones, both sell like hotcakes in the market. So can we ever try and avoid the discussion on which one's the better? Particularly, when smartphones have become an integral part of the business world. Certainly, no other debate can go on for so long as the frenzied BlackBerry vs. iPhone fight! Now let's dig into a bit more to look at who's going to rule the global smartphone market in the coming future:-
BlackBerry vs. iPhone in terms of design and look

Look wise, both the devices are appealing but iPhone looks more elegant and sleek in comparison to BlackBerry with this thicker and bulkier look which is a big no-no for the new-age smartphone users. iPhone comes as a stylish alternative to BlackBerry.

Usability of the both device

While using iPhone for the very first time, you might feel a bit uncomfortable because of it's fully touching screen ability but as you delve deep into its ultra chic mechanism, you simply wouldn't get enough of it. Coming to BlackBerry, its QWERTY keypad makes typing easier and faster with a range of shortcut keys.

Email service

For email services, nothing can second BlackBerry. With smooth connectivity with the Microsoft Exchange server, BlackBerry has instant phone emailing option that iPhone probably hasn't got yet. The instant emailing option on BlackBerry certainly makes it easier to manage multiple email accounts, all at the same time, whereas iPhone is expected to make something innovative in this area in the coming future. On the other hand, iPhone gives a much pleasant view of your email accounts with easy zooming and scrolling options. Unfortunately, reading emails on BlackBerry is pretty daunting.


BlackBerry display is smaller than iPhone because of the presence of its huge keyboard. iPhone offers a wider screen with better visibility and clarity. While BlackBerry appears with raised buttons, it does make typing easier without having to look at the screen ensuring the correct buttons are pressed. Conversely, the uber-cool touch screen feature of iPhone seems intangible to many users as every time you are typing something you have to constantly keep an eye on the screen whether you are doing it all right or not.

Multimedia and entertainment features

Without any doubt, iPhone tops in image, music and video handling capabilities. It stands strong in this department developing specific entertainment and multimedia features for different users. Whereas, Blackberry has been lagging behind for some time now with its traditional range of inbuilt multimedia and entertainment applications and has consequently failed to keep up with iPhone's staggering 50,000+ application galleries. Apparently, BlackBerry's dismal 2,000+ applications have turned it into a sinking ship against the shine and luster of iPhone.

Judging which one's got the X-factor

Now after all the debate about the killer devices, it is you who should take the final pick, whether you want to stay connected with your professional network while on the go- consider going with BlackBerry and if you are more interested with entertainment with a wide range of applications useful for your business, health, education, etc then don't step back to choose the iPhone.

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